About Inverness Touch

Inverness Touch Rugby is an informal group that has been playing touch rugby in Inverness for ten years.

People have moved on with jobs and families but the group has kept going in one form or another until the most recent incarnation which has been going strong for the last 3-4 years and seen the player numbers go from strength to strength.

Inverness Lynx is the name of the team that we send to competitions to represent the group and the city, and the “brand” that we have on any promotional clothing and match day strips.

Various other Highland animals and birds are wheeled out as team names during the summer league, which is held in the period before the school holidays start.

Inverness Touch Rugby Hall of Fame

Thanks to the past players who have made a significant contribution to moving the group forward whether contributing in terms of time, money, effort or just being a bit good in tournaments, or indeed at social events…

  • Andrew Steel
  • Andrew Joss
  • Blake Lindsay
  • Alex Matheson
  • Craig “Ninja” Wilson

Can you achieve legendary status?